The Hosting Solution by LABS is a virtual front office solution based on SimCorp Dimension (SCD). Following the principles of "software as a service", the solutions enables smaller asset managers and family offices to use SCD.

In order to use the hosting solution by LABS, clients only need internet access and a computer, instead of an entire IT infrastructure. They can access and use SimCorp Dimension at any time by logging in to a secured system. A customer service for market and master data, system upgrades and maintainance of interfaces with third parties are also included in the range of services.

In addition, the entire information exchange between investment companies, custodians and brokers can be operated via labs.DWH, the data warehouse by LABS. In combination with labs.FundCockpit, all data can be evaluated and displayed in dashboards and reports.

Our employees have expert knowledge and many years of experience in the administration of SimCorp Dimension, as our parent company Lupus alpha Asset Management has been using the solution for many years.